Earthen Weaves was born out of a desire to unite natural fabrics, traditional Indian craftsmanship and modern silhouettes. The feel of soft cotton brushing against our skin in the summer breeze, the old world romance of elegant women draped in Indian handloomed silks, the intricacies of traditional embroideries, and modern sleek silhouettes have all shaped our design aesthetic.

Underlying all of this is a passion to remain faithful to the Truth. Care is taken to source fabric unadulterated by synthetics. Instead we are partial to cotton (organic too!), silks and linens. We give preference to hand-woven cloth wherever possible and insist on weaving this handmade feature throughout our designs. There are sprinkles of hand embroidery, which is crafted by our skilled artisans with utmost care.

Whilst our roots are firmly entrenched in India, our range of Womenswear is designed to worn by women who dream of more than high street fashion. Earthen Weaves is fashion crafted with care and values that help you stay true to your most authentic self.

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We are Aparna and Diana, co – founders of Earthen Weaves and we are so excited to share our work and journey with you, through our website.

Earthen Weaves was conceived from a desire to bring the magic of India that we grew up with into our everyday wardrobe. We spent several inseparable hours sharing our love for both Indian and high street fashion, fashion illustrations, and a burning desire to bring our skills off the page and into reality.

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My desk is a perfect reflection of my mind; half finished sketches, vibrant watercolour splashes, and stacks of art books. I lean towards early 20th century modern artists, would love to be lost in Monet’s gardens, cannot resist the allure of feminine dresses, and am always on the search for the perfect pair of comfortable heels!


“Life is in itself an art and your experiences the brush strokes”. If you had a sneak peak in my dreamworld, you would see a series of colors and textures, fashion sketches, a cuppa coffee and a life that is inspired by expressionism and surrealistic art.


Lustre Studio

Our relationship with the talented Roshan sisters started the way any modern relationship begins these days – on Instagram! We have come a long way since those tentative introductions, working closely together to make all our dreams a reality.